Accordion Books = Endless Possibilities

Accordion books truly have endless possibilities both in design and content. They are fun and easy to make. Here are only a few suggestions on variations of this book format.

Accordion books can vary by:

  • Shape (square, rectangle, heart, person shaped)
  • Size (you can even make tiny accordion books into necklaces)
  • Cover (paper choices – think wrapping paper)
  • Closures (ribbons, buttons, etc.)
  • Number of pages

Uses for the accordion book:

  • Photo albums
  • Poems
  • Memories & Memoirs
  • Favorite sayings
  • Cards (birthday, graduation, congratulatory, retirement)
  • Cartoon Strips
  • Educational
  • Facts (math, science)
  • Scientific Method
  • Poetry
  • Sequencing
  • Stories (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Retelling

You can make the accordion book using two pieces of card stock or thin cardboard and a long piece of paper folded accordion style. Below are directions on how to make an accordion book using a kit.

You’ll need:

  • Glue
  • Paper for the cover
  • Cut two papers for the covers (see templates below)
  • Apply glue to the boards, place the cover in the center of the paper
  • Use finger to smooth out any air bubbles on the covers
  • Apply glue to the long sides of the cover paper then fold over
  • Apply glue to the short sides of the cover paper then fold over
  • Apply glue to all areas of the first accordion panel and attach to the front cover
  • Turn the book over, with the front cover on the table, fold panels and apply the glue to last panel.
  • Make sure the back and front covers line up.

Template for Large Cover:

Accordion Book Template for Large Cover

Template for Mini Cover:

Accordion Book Template for Mini Cover

Watch the tutorial video below:

How to Make You Own Accordion Books

Posted by In The Lemon Tree on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Let your creativity be your guide. And check out this blog post on Writing Inspiration in Unexpected Places. Please send us photos of your accordion book creations and tell us how you use the accordion book format.

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