Book Club – The Camping Trip that Changed America

The Camping Trip that Changed America by Barb Rosenstock Illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein

It’s that time of year! Summer is here (yipee!) and we will be spending a lot more time in the great outdoors! Lucky for us, we own millions of acres to explore! Our National Parks! This month we feature the story of two special people in history who helped preserve these parks for all of us to enjoy.

Summary of the book:

The Camping Trip that Changed America by Barb Rosenstock Illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein is an award winning book and an ode to our National Parks. It is the true story of when naturalist John Muir invited Theodore Roosevelt on a camping trip in 1903 to show him the wonders of what is now the John Muir Trail and Yosemite National Park. At that time people were planning hotels and development for that area and John Muir convinced Teddy Roosevelt to create the National Park System. This historical story is well told for young readers and the beautiful illustrations are by Caldecott winner, Mordicai Gerstein.

A special note:

Have you heard of Every Kid in Every Park? On the National Park Foundation website they explain this exciting program. “Beginning September 1st all kids in the fourth grade have access to their own Every Kid in a Park pass at This pass provides free access to national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and more!”

Current 4th graders can get a free pass to all national parks (federal land and water) until August of 2016, and current 3rd graders can obtain a fourth grade pass beginning September 1st 2016.


The Stick and Rubber Band Book (or Stick and Twine)

With few materials needed, the Stick and Rubber Band Book is a great format for outdoor activities and kids can search for their own stick to make their binding. Click here for a video and directions on how to make The Stick and Rubber Band Book.

Ideas for the Stick and Rubber Band Book

  1. Classification Guide: Draw and label what can be observed outside – birds, seashells, leaves, trees, bugs, etc.
  2. Cloud Book – Draw the clouds in the sky – what shapes or forms can be found in the clouds – dragons, flowers, cars?
  3. Camping Book – Have your child make a notebook of all the items he or she thinks is necessary for a camping trip or make it into a mini photo album from your camping trip.
  4. Father’s Day Book Father’s Day Book

Stick Rubber Band Book

This month is Father’s Day. Help your child make the stick and rubber band book into a Father’s Day gift. Here are a few fun writing prompts for a father’s day book. Of course, “Dad” is interchangeable with uncle, Grandpa, special friend, etc.

  1. My favorite thing to do with my dad is….
  2. My Dad’s favorite thing to do is….
  3. My dad’s happy when…
  4. My dad always says…
  5. My dad laughs when…
  6. My dad makes me laugh when…
  7. My dad is good at….
  8. I love my dad because…

Stick Rubber Band Book Montage

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