Book Club – The Christmas Tree, El Árbol de Navidad, by Alma Flor Ada

This month’s book club is “The Christmas Tree, El Árbol de Navidad” by Alma Flor Ada, Illustrated by Terry Ybáñez and a cumulative text about each family member adding to the tradition of decorating the tree.

The author, Alma Flor Ada notes in the back of the book, the many different traditions for celebrating Christmas. And as ornaments can hold special memories or meaning, take a look at the post on Ornaments: The Keepers of Your Stories to add a special tradition to your family.

The beauty of bilingual books: If your family is fortunate enough to already speak a second (or third….) language, then bilingual books serve to reinforce those skills and continue to develop vocabulary and language.

If your family speaks one language and you wish to learn another, bilingual children’s books are a great place to begin. It is fun to hear the sounds of words spoken in another language. Because picture books have so many visual clues alongside the text, it is easier to understand the context of the book. The illustrations help children (and adults alike) learn the meaning of the text and words. Because the language is often simple in children’s books and songs, it assists in reinforcing basic vocabulary and grammar in a second language.

Activity: Accordion Book Ornament




On a strip of accordion folded paper, have your child write, draw or use photos to remember some of their favorite moments of the past year. Some examples might be a new pet, winning the science fair, a trip to the beach, turning 6 years old, etc.

This “book” ornament will serve as a reminder of special moments from this year and will be a treasure on the Christmas tree (or hanging from any special spot) in coming years.

Click here for directions and a video on how to make an Accordion Book Ornament.

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