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This is the place to find ideas for the family on how to fill the beautiful books you are making – how to capture, write, and share moments of your life – and how to instill in children a lifelong love of books and reading.

Writing Inspiration in Unexpected Places

I want to share with you one of my favorite sources for writing inspiration – paper! But not just any paper. I’ll explain…

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Poetry Walk?

Let’s go on a poetry walk with my friend and mentor, Barbara – Bookmaker, Artist, Writer and Teacher with a capital T! What’s a poetry walk, you ask?

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You want to be an author?

So you want to be an author? I will tell you where to start…

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Little Library at the park

There is something about getting a free book and sharing a loved book. Read more about Little Library at the park at In The Lemon tree.

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Layered book Idea, Physical Science / Geology

Get instructions on How to make a layered book format on In The Lemon Tree.

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