Your Child Gets a Choice and Voice!

Children’s Book Week is May 2nd-May 6th. It is time to cast your vote! Nope! Not for the Prez but the 2016 Children’s Choice Book Awards. This is the book award that kids actually vote on the books they THINK should win.

There is an awesome selection of books nominated – making it really difficult to choose. Grab as many books as you can in the category that fits your child’s age and send your vote in online. Even if you don’t have time to read all of the books before the voting deadline (April 25th), I highly recommend that you take the ballot to the library and check out the nominated books – they’re wonderful.

Several weeks ago, we went camping with a group of friends. Before we left, I ran to the library and checked out the books listed on the ballot: CBW_Ballot_2016.pdf

Due to the short weekend, we focused on the categories of Kindergarten to Second Grade, Third to Fourth, and Children’s Choice Illustrator.

Children's Choice Book Awards1

I printed up the ballots, set out a “ballot bucket” and baskets with the books.

They were told that their ballots would be used to cast their official votes online. There is something about giving kids a special responsibility and they happily step up to the plate. After cozying up in the camper to read and vote, I overheard them discussing their votes!

P.S. This is an awesome activity to give children a tangible connection to the upcoming presidential election – it offers the process of discussing, deciding, filling out a ballot and voting.

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