A countdown to Christmas with No Cost gifts!

This countdown to Christmas is:

  • Free
  • Increases excitement around reading
  • Re-uses books that are already in your home

Wrap 24 books that you already have in your child’s home library and let your children choose one book to unwrap each night to read before bedtime.  This pile of books can arrive under the tree on December 1st to help count down the days to Christmas.  (Our Elf on the Shelf delivers the books). This idea can be used any time of year like your child’s birthday month or during a school vacation.

The pluses:

  • My kids are usually so excited that they often ask to open two, three, four books a night but that’s okay, more family time reading together. And who can deny kids when they want to read more books?
  • Secondhand stores carry books for very little cost (sometimes 10 cents) so if you don’t have enough books, you can purchase them for very little cost.

The Minuses:

  • Hate wasting paper, but what kid doesn’t want to rip through paper in excitement? Another option might be to use a gift bag that has a “new” book in it every night?

A twist on the idea:

  • When your kids start outgrowing books, have them giveaway books in December to other neighbor kids or organizations in need.

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