Accordion Book Necklace

Watch the video tutorial or read the directions below to learn how to make an accordion book necklace. You can make it using the mini accordion book kit or use the template below to cut two pieces of thin cardboard and a long piece of paper folded accordion style.

You’ll need:

  • Accordion book kit – small
  • Glue
  • Paper for the cover
  • Strip of paper approximately 1/2 inch by 1 inch
  • Ribbon, string or chain long enough to make a necklace


  • Cut two papers for the covers (see template below)
  • Apply glue to the board, place the cover in the center of the paper
  • Use finger to smooth out any air bubbles on the covers
  • Cut the corners, leave a small space between the paper and the cardboard
  • Apply glue to the long sides of the cover paper then fold over
  • Apply glue to the short sides of the cover paper then fold over
  • Repeat with second cover
  • With a small space in between the two covers, glue the strip of paper long ways between the covers to create a spine
  • Brush a thin layer of glue on the spine of the accordion folded paper to hold pages together
  • Apply glue to all areas of the first accordion panel and attach to the front cover
  • Turn the book over, with the front cover on the table, fold panels and apply the glue to last panel
  • Make sure the back and front covers line up
  • When the glue is dry, run a piece of ribbon, string or a chain through the spine to make your book into a necklace.

Accordion Book Necklace Template

Accordion Book Necklace Accordion Book Necklace

How to make an Accordion Book Necklace

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Let creativity be your guide. For writing content ideas for the accordion book necklace, check out the Book Club – My Red Balloon activity. Please send us photos of your accordion book creations and tell us how you use the accordion book format!

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