Directions for Making an Origami Accordion Book

It is fun to get really creative with this book! Using multiple pieces of paper creates a very long book and you will hear a lot of “ooh’s and aah’s” out of children and adults alike when it is pulled open. Using multiple colored paper also makes this a very artful book! Have fun and send pictures!

Directions for Origami Accordion Book

What you need:

  • 4 or more sheets of square paper, any size. (It works better if the paper is not too thick & the more sheets of paper, the more fun)
  • Glue

Optional: Card stock and decorative paper to make a front and back cover (see accordion book post for directions on this) 4. Ribbon to enclose the book


  • Fold square sheet of paper diagonally into a triangle
  • Then fold triangle in half into a smaller triangle
  • Lift the open side of the top triangle and fold it into a square
  • Flip over the paper and repeat step 3 on the back side
  • Glue one corner of a square to the corner of another square, turning the fold of the paper into opposite directions.

origami accordion book

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