Helping Children Embrace Mourning

Helping Children Embrace Mourning

My dear friend, Michele, recently lost her grandfather. They were a close pair, to say the least. He had a strong influence on her life and her upbringing and as a result, his loss was greatly felt by her. Over our years of friendship, I heard many amazing stories about him. When I heard the news of his passing, I sent her an empty accordion book and I asked her to write down some of the sayings, advice or words of wisdom her grandfather had shared with her. It warmed my heart to receive an email with photos of her book where she recorded sweet memories of her grandfather.

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Her book not only allowed her to take the time to reflect on the memories but also provided her with a tool to share with her children. This book can also assist in having certain discussions about mourning with children such as:

  • Loss is part of life
  • It’s okay to be sad
  • There are things we can do to help us when we are sad
  • It’s important to remember those we lost
  • It’s important to record our memories

This book is and will be a priceless gift to Michele’s family. They will always have something to read and remember their great grandfather and possibly live out his words.


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