How the Book Club Works

Book Club – How the Book Club Works

How the Book Club Works

The Lemonade Book Club is designed for groups of children to gather together, share and enjoy books. The activities can be used by:

  • Playgroups
  • A circle of friends or neighbors
  • After school clubs
  • Classroom teachers
  • Librarians
  • Homeschoolers
  • Your own family

For each book club post you will find:

  • A featured children’s book
  • A brief description of the book
  • A literacy activity to use with the book

Although the book club posts are sometimes thematic to a season or holiday, the book club does not go in any particular order. Feel free to skip around and find books that most appeal to your book club members.

Go to your local library or local bookstore to find copies of these books or order directly with the link provided.

As a parent – the books and activities lend themselves well to playgroups, a circle of close friends, siblings or homeschoolers. The activities are simple enough to prepare on your own or by other parents/caretakers in your book club. Also, each parent or caretaker can take turns hosting the book club, reading the book, and preparing the materials for the follow-up activity.

As an educator – introducing students to a book club format is an fun way to increase excitement around reading. The Lemonade Book Club can be used within the classroom or as an outside activity such as an after school club. Because research tells us that literacy is increased when children self select books, allow students to peruse the choice of books in The Lemonade Book Club and then vote on the book of the month. Giving students a voice in their choice generates ownership in their learning.

Build home libraries through the book club – When possible provide a personal copy of the book to club members to create a home library. If you are unable to find enough copies of the books in the school or local libraries (one for each member), have the book club members organize a mini fundraiser so each member can have a personal copy of the book. Fundraisers can be inexpensive and simple, such as selling popcorn at recess. The students will feel empowered by having the opportunity to choose books and by the ability to raise money to increase the collection of books in their home library.

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