Less Clutter, More Reading! Who Wouldn’t Want That?

I once read an article that suggested putting some of your children’s toys in storage and switching them out monthly. This decreases the clutter and mess in your home and increases your child’s interest and engagement when the “new” toys come out again.

What if we did this with books? Many elementary school teachers already know this secret. As learning units change so do the books in the classroom library – penguins, solar system, author studies, fairy tales.

My children have bookshelves in their rooms, but I also keep a basket with books by the fireplace that we rotate from storage. I circulate them by month or season and by theme. Even though they have seen these books many times before, they have favorites and get excited to re-read a familiar book. It is also rewarding when they master a book that used to be a read aloud. Even if you don’t own a lot of books, getting books from the public library or garage sales and placing them in a “special” and highly visible spot can increase interest and excitement in reading.

What simple tricks do you use that engage your child in books and reading?

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