Ornaments: The Keepers of Your Stories

When my children were very small, I learned this simple tradition that helps us “keeps” a special story or memory from each year. It is one our family’s favorite holiday traditions and very easy to keep.

Every Christmas I purchase an ornament for each child that represents something personal about their past year – something related to their current interest, sport, hobby, a milestone (like getting a driver’s license), a new pet, or a place we traveled to in the past year. But what makes is more special is that the box is saved with a notecard inside with the year, their age and a short note about how the ornament is a reflection of their last year.

As the family decorates the tree, I pull ornaments out of the boxes and read the cards.  We love the reminders and stories of the kids’ past interests and milestones.  My kids are now giving me hints of what ornaments and symbols they want to represent them on the Christmas tree!  It is such a simple tradition and easy way to revisit the stories of our past.  These ornaments have so much more meaning with the story alongside them.

Here are a few examples:



Dear Son (age 4),

This astronaut Mickey reminds us of you this year! You still love trains but you’ve become so passionate about rockets and outer space.  It is a joy to see how much you are learning about the solar system.  You tell us that we will watch you lift off from a launch pad someday.  No doubt that whatever you do, we will love watching you “lift off” from whatever dream you have!

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy
Christmas 2011


Dear Daughter (age 2),

This year you love playing dress-up.  It is, by far your favorite thing to do.  You have a Tinkerbell costume that you like to wear the most. This ornament reminds us of you – brownish-blond, curly hair – blowing kisses (you are so affectionate) in a costume with wings – it’s you!

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy
Christmas 2012

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