The Stick and Rubber Band Book (Stick and Twine)

With few materials needed, the Stick and Rubber Band Book is a great format for outdoor activities and kids can search for their own stick to make their binding. For written directions and ideas for filling the book, see below.

Directions for the Stick and Rubber Band Book

  1. Go exploring and collect a few sticks with your child in the great outdoors.
  2. Begin with a thin piece of cardboard and can be cut to any size desired. The cardboard can be from a cereal box, the back of a notepad, etc.
  3. Cut paper (the pages for the book) the same size as the cardboard.
  4. For the binding, use a hole puncher and punch two holes centered about 2 or 3 inches apart from each other and about a 1/4 or 1/2 inch the edge or spine of your book.
  5. From the back of the book, pull the ends of a thick rubber band through the holes.
  6. Place the stick over the holes and loop the end of the rubber bands around each end of the stick. You’re done!!

Ideas for the Stick and Rubber Band Book

  1. Classification guide: Draw and label what can be observed outside – birds, seashells, leaves, trees, bugs, etc.
  2. Cloud Book – Draw the clouds in the sky – what shapes or forms can be found in the clouds – dragons, flowers, cars?
  3. Camping Book – Have your child make a notebook of all the items he or she thinks is necessary for a camping trip or make it into a mini photo album from your camping trip.
  4. Father’s Day Book. Click on this link for directions on a Father’s Day book.

Stick Rubber Band Book Montage

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