Summer Bucket List, The Layered Book

School’s out! Time to make our summer bucket list – a list of all the things we want to do before summer is gone! Have your kids make a list of the activities they want to do or the places they most want to see over the summer. Better yet, have a family meet up and narrow it down to what everybody in the family wants to do over the summer.

create a layered book

A fun addition to your summer bucket list is to make your list into a layered book, then write your summer bucket list on the tab of each layer. On each page, either draw pictures or add in photos of each activity that you did as a keepsake photo album of the summer! Go to this link for the directions on how to make the layered book.

Take a look at the amazing summer bucket lists of these two Lemonade Book Club members. It is so fun to see how kids think outside of the box. I gave the kids washi tape for their binding and Gianna used it, not only for the binding but to form numbers for her bucket list.

One of Maddie’s goals is to finish the Harry Potter series this summer – Aw! If all kids had such lofty summer goals!

What is on your summer bucket list? Leave your ideas in the comments!

Numbers made from washi tape.

Numbers made from washi tape.


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